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White PVC Rigid Sheet

Solid PVC sheet is stiff and strong and has good impact strength, low moisture absorbtion and has an excellent flammability performance to BS476 Part 7 of Class 1. It performs well against salt solutions, acids and alkalis. The main drawback is restricted service temperature range. Below freezing point PVC becomes brittle and at the upper end should not really exceed 55°C. In conjunction with the fixing profiles outlined below, most solvent adhesive systems work well with PVC but testing is always advised.

Gloss Foam PVC Sheet

Many characteristics of Solid PVC apply to Gloss White Foam PVC. Although not possessing the very high impact strength of solid PVC, Gloss White Foam PVC is nonetheless tough, rigid and durable. Gloss White Foam PVC refers to the closed cell structure and is in no way 'spongy'. The surface finish of Gloss is a superbly smooth high gloss white and is, therefore, a very strong recommendation over standard Foam PVC sheets. Flammability performance is the same as for solid PVC.

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